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[8/10/2017] Android Apps and Games For Free
1. Embr - Icon Pack

[Image: VtAXPoBwF8G-pkzWwa7XPCXYPXHqRDAm0XWPehVC...WzgCs=h310]
Quote:Embr is the most unique icon pack that you’ll find in the market. Ditching the traditional circle and square shapes, Embr offers a brand new stunning design that you will fall in love with.

2. BlackO PRO? Dark Wallpapers

[Image: zCwr4NluJeJe6iE1WXCwydMHXI_fo6aZsbyE45LH...gmHac=h900]
Quote:The BlackO PRO Version do not contain any ads+ 4K + New Wallpapers are first featured in the PRO Version + Dark AMOLED + Super Fast loading + Lockscreen support + Dark Wallpapers

3. Tartle RPG Tool

[Image: 82HitnHgRWELM8ov4vVOwUeIpsXwOGeKx4Bz13WV...6KWZg=h310]
Quote:A feature rich utility for fantasy based roleplaying tabletop games and card games.

4. Gif Live Wallpapers : Animated Live Wallpapers

[Image: 33ZmV6ffpIY6NggbUkdSHY6ZJcdgdJFypKxFNAUK...dpOOQ=h900]
Quote:Gif Live Wallpaper app have around 300+ best gif live wallpapers with 12+ categories, All of the gifs are cinemagraphs gifs, its makes your screen more cool and beautiful.

5. Fourth grade Math - Multiplication

[Image: jP3RZpphGHOO4S-Id4OGexgqYK7y3hTEQ8ztDzjA...k4wM0=h310]
Quote:Intuitive interface powered by handwriting input and a fun and engaging mini game in addition to a regular math trainer mode make our app stand out from the crowd of generic math learning apps.

6. Halloween Graveyard 3D

[Image: ESkYfVrmSFH-9QCp-0WHGfps0zQNYfIL7_YAZfLd...TqRtl=h900]
Quote:Halloween Graveyard 3D Live Wallpaper is a fun, spooky way to celebrate the holiday!


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