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5 New/Useful Apps Of Last Week
5. 4vid - Video Downloader

4vid is a video downloader which helps you download videos from multiple sites including, YouTube, Twitch, Break, Twitter, P**nhub etc.

What this app does is it converts Original video URL to a direct video link and opens the video in your browser (as an HTML5 video) and then you can download the video.

However, I recommend using ADM or any other download manager for Android.

Download :

4. Photobooth

Photobooth is an interesting app which allows the user to combine multiple images into one image. The app produces decent quality of images, this app is useful for sharing multiple Tweets, Long Facebook post(s), Sharing Notes etc.

3. NewPipe - YouTube Frontend

NewPipe is an Android App for playing YouTube videos in background, playing YouTube videos in slow motion and time lapse. It also has an option for Pop-up window and Download video.

2. Path Guide

[Image: UKbrVBrUBQ-GF5X9EophfyZxuR-Y3WAZbPfNUD8r...PGQ3w=h900] [Image: 5x5EIgm97Tzi6eEy8KEkCSEqg_vJShuoeLP1gN2T...TrkoS=h900]

This app is developed by Microsoft for indoor navigation without GPS. It shows the pictures taken by users to help you navigate.

More :

1. Loopsie

Loopsie is an app which allows you to capture live images! The app allows you to record a short video and then it converts the video into live photo.

Download :

BONUS: Cornea - Unlimited Filters and Popularity Predictor

Cornea is a newly launched Android app which shows you (using AI) how popular your photo can become and it also suggests trending hashtags related to your photo. The app is good for those photographers who want to become popular in Instagram.


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