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NewPipe Android App: YouTube Frontend
The newly launched application, NewPipe is getting a hot deal! The YouTube Frontend app lets you watch YouTube Videos, Download them, Play in Pop-Up Window and also play in Slow-Mo or Time lapse. The app doesn't use any Google Services API's or any other YouTube API's so you can use this app even if you don't have Google Play Services Installed.

[Image: screenshot_4.png][Image: screenshot_5.png][Image: screenshot_7.png]


1. Play YouTube Videos in the background (Experimental).
2. Play Video In Pop-Up Window (Floating Player).
3. Download Video/ Audio Only.
4. Select any streaming player to watch the video.
5. Search YouTube in a specific language.
6. View Age Restricted Material.
7. 4K/2K/1080p support.
8. Open Video in Kodi.


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