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4 Aspects that are Common in Choosing a Video Game and a Web Design Agency
For businesses, having an e-commerce ready website is an absolute necessity these days. Even a small business or startup can think of surviving without a website to showcase its products/services and give the concerning information too. Finding a company that can develop such a dynamic website is not an easy task. Selecting a single firm out of hundreds of thousands of companies that offer their services online is the real deal.
In my opinion, finding a custom web design agency is very much like choosing a video game. So how one can relate to a video game to a design agency? Think of a video set in a medieval era and you are the hero of the game. You need to get to a treasure to win the game and that treasure in this case is finding the right designing agency perfect for your business. There are many aspects that one has to look forward to in this regard and in this blog now I will try to guide you through it be defining the 5 most important ones.

1. Research
Like in a video game where you have to dig deep inside the game’s strategy to find a way to the treasure, finding a company which can offer you a superbly designed website is the same. It’s also the same as choosing between two video games, both of them a hit but you don’t have enough money to buy them so you have to stick to just one. Just 8-10 years ago, there were only a handful of companies available which offer website designing. But now the choice is unlimited as apart from hundreds of thousands of available companies, new entrants also make this process difficult for anyone looking for a splendid design for a website.
The solution is not that difficult; try to research about some companies after shortlisting them. Choose the firm which is trustworthy and has fulfilled the requirements of its clients in the past. Testimonials of the past clients and the portfolio is one good way to judge a company and its ability to design a stunning website for your business.
2. Talk to Them
You can get to know a lot of things about a firm through simply talking to them. The first and the easiest step is to visit the physical office of the firm if it is in your city. In this way, you can easily guess if that company is good enough to hire. There are a lot of aspects that you can know by visiting a website. Secondly, talking to the representatives of the company on phone or video chatting through Skype or other medium is also a good way to know about them. If they can satisfy you over the line, then probably it is a good bet to hire them.
Real-time chat and email is another way to get in touch with a design firm. One way to quickly judge their abilities is the time in which you get the answer. If you won’t get the reply quickly or satisfactory, then you can easily guess either they are using a third party to communicate with their potential customers or they unable to handle people like you looking for a design solution online.
3. Thoroughly Check their Website
Just like we try the demo version of a video game and check the aspects we would love to have, you can check the website of the companies offering design services to you in this way. It’s like reading a review of a video game before buying it. You make sure about the storyline, characters and the overall gameplay. So it’s the same process. Make sure about all the important aspects like pricing, customer support and most importantly their ability to design excellent websites. Only then sign the dotted line or else you will rue your decision.  
4. Word of Mouth
When even all the above-mentioned aspects fail to materialize, word of mouth can come to your rescue. Ask your friends or relatives about any website they have used in the recent past and what was their experience. You can get a lot of recommendations in this regard and you can shortlist 2-3 companies as a result. Then you can go through the step 1-3 to select the one website that suits you the best.
If you have any query or feedback regarding this post, please feel free to use the comments section below.
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