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Enable Double Tap to Lock/Sleep in Any Device
Hello Guys,

[Image: -8I2vlv9TtGKCtXWJnOoKg.png]

Today you will learn to make your Android phone more fashionable/ease to use by this simple trick/app. As you may know, many devices have the inbuilt feature in their Setting -> Display. But many phones still lack this features. So I thought to share this Trick to enable on your device.

Steps :-
1. Download the Apk/App from Attachments below.
2. Install it.(Allow Install from Unknown Source).
3. Allow Permission to Lock the Screen.
[Image: 19904848_1595862443771923_1032548110_n.p...e=596590C5]
4. Also, allow Drawing over other apps.
[Image: 19989143_1595862387105262_2143377256_n.p...e=5965D335]
5. Now Start the service from app/notification.(Edit Double Tap timeout according to your ease).6. Enjoy this new feature.
NOTE:  You can Hide the notification from the app if you don't want to show others about the app if you want to Show off.

Attached Files
.apk   EasyLock_1.2.apk (Size: 1.43 MB / Downloads: 1)

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