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SMS Bomber - Prank your Friends with Text Messages
Hello Guys,
We have Uploaded a Script by which you can Prank your friends by sending them Spam Text Messages.

How to use our SMS bomber :-
  1. Login / Register to use our bomber.
  2. Open the Bomber :- SMS Bomber.
  3. Then Enter your friend's mobile number in the box in which you want to send sms prank.
  4. Click Start Button.
  5. You will find a counter below showing how many spam messages have been sent.
  6. Now sit and enjoy the Sms bombs on your Friends.
NOTE :- Use This Bomber only on friends you know and don't try it on unknown people.

ScreenShot of Bomber Working :-
[Image: 1KrKk2s7TfqQTJtRY2Dn0A.png]
[Image: uCgMbA3PQ4WUCx65jgr80Q.png]
[Image: EIMvRbGdTLueGfL7nUwZZQ.png]

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