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Kiddle, a search engine for children?
[Image: ice_screenshot_20170621_202952.png]

A Search engine with a name of Kiddle has recently launched. The company claims that their search engine is kids friendly and it blocks stuff that children aren't supposed to find. The website uses Google Search to show their results, but however, they are not affiliated with Google. The first 3 results on Kiddle will only show pages written specifically for kids; handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. The website has a child-friendly design, with big thumbnails in search results and easy to read Arial font. The company says that they don't collect personally identifiable information, and their 'logs' are deleted every 24 hours. However, this report in Mirror shows that there are still some flaws in 'Child-oriented' search engine. When a user tried searching Khloe Kardashian, the following was the result:
[Image: Kiddle-search-engine.jpg]
The first result just disappoints. However, the results have changed now.
[Image: ice_screenshot_20170621_202409.png]
The question is will your child use Kiddle?

More about Kiddle.

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