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Rules and Guidelines for Participating in the Contest
Discontinued Due to Insufficient Response
How to Participate:-
  • Register your account at our Forum.
  • Earn HT Points by Replying, Posting Articles, Conducting Polls etc. (Check out Here:-
  • In the case of cheating/copying posts from other websites, you will be disqualified.
Contest Period:-
  • June 18 - June 23, Midnight
  • Winner will be declared on 24rd June
  • The prize will be distributed within 5 days of the contest ending.
Prizes :-
First Prize: 1x Rs.500 Voucher (Amazon/Flipkart/Paytm Cash)
Second Prize: 1x Rs.250 Voucher (Amazon/Flipkart/Paytm Cash)
Additional prizes:  3x Rs.100 Voucher (Dominos India)

Check your Rank Here:-

(Admins and Moderators are not Allowed to participate in this contest)

Terms & Conditions :-
  • Must be a Verified Member of Forum.
  • Never post Spam or Unrelated things in the Forum.
  • Should not Cheat or Copy in our Forum.
  • We have right to disqualify any member suspected of using unfair means to gain points at any time.

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