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Make Your Phone Look Like Google Pixel Using These Apps
1. The Launcher

[Image: 26_ARyMge0I0NvGFWP-aEV1mRXCoTffZZlmuF1cn...x3ef8=h900]
I suggest you go with N Launcher, the launcher has Pixel Pill by default and also it is highly responsive and customizable. Download: Play Store

2. Pixel Icon Pack
[Image: t5DNzE3CcGuG31S8y9phHQgBNvCY9Koo3CaTWNav...f7oec=h900]
The launcher comes with Pixel like icons, but this app has more Icons from the launcher (List of A-Z apps and also system icons) Download: Play Store

3. Google Assistant
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_36_56_AM.jpg]
All you need to do is download Nova Launcher and choose Google Assistant from Activities. You can read how to do it here.

4. Wallpapers
[Image: gfhfghfg.jpg]
Google has its own wallpaper app and the wallpapers are really cool. Read more about it here.

5. Rounded corners
[Image: uzoWhJfNia7XmK6HiG8HmRfpLcNcU8CxerdznCD8...atSB8=h310]
Quote:Rounded Corner adds sexy rounded corners to your screen, like the corners in new LG flagship (G6), new Samsung (S8).
 Download: Play Store

                  Before:                                                                        After:
[Image: dfsgfgfdgfdgdfhfgjfgj.jpg]                               [Image: fgdf.jpg]
That's cool. I'm going to give this a try on my phone.

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