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People You Are Supposed To Know as an Internet User
We all know Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc, but how many of you know these people? They are the unsung heroes of the Computer/Internet World.

1. Tim Berners-Lee
[Image: 20130318105145-1_0.jpg]
Most of us have read about him in our textbooks. This is the guy who is responsible for the service you are using right now! He invented the WWW(World Wide Web). What makes this guy great is that he made WWW Open-Source rather than selling it to private companies and making a lot of money from it.

2. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn
[Image: VintCerfPhoto.jpg][Image: 1200px-Bob_Kahn.jpg]
(from left Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn)

These two guys were behind TCP/IP. The protocol that governs connection of computer systems to the Internet. TCP/IP is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet.

3. Steve Wozniak
[Image: steve-wozniak-image.jpg?auto=compress,fo...=476&h=382]
This the person who made the Apple I and Apple II. He co-founded one of the most profitable company Apple with his friend Steve Jobs. He also co-founded various other ventures one of them is CL 9, the company responsible for the first programmable universal remote control.

4. Aaron Swartz
[Image: 0113_swartz.jpg]
He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, the website framework, and the social news site Reddit, in which he became a partner after its merger with his company, Infogami.

5. Linus Torvalds

[Image: linus-torvalds.jpg]
He is the principal developer of Linux Kernel which became the kernel for operating systems such as the Linux operating system, Android, and Chrome OS. holds the "Linux" trademark and monitors the use of it, chiefly through the Linux Mark Institute.

Feel free to update the list Smile


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