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Get a cool wallpaper automatically everyday
Hello, everyone, we all have searched and have been searching for cool wallpapers to make our device look good. This is a simple way that you can use to make your smartphone stand out!

[Image: WGQD4PvyAuNnh7f_ftWrjWv0pYv2w6tashADUIMa...idgeg=h900]

How to:

1. Download Wallpapers app. This app is made by Google, it gets its wallpapers from Google Images, Google Earth etc.
2. Open the app and choose from, Art, Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, and Textures (there may be some additional options which vary according to devices).
[Image: gfhfghfg.jpg]
3. After choosing an option, you will be displayed a list of wallpapers and there the first option will be 'Daily Wallpaper, Tap to turn on'. Tap on it.
4. Then you will be shown a dialogue box with the option to Change Wallpaper using WiFi only, after choosing the convenient option, Tap on Continue. Then the app will download the first wallpaper.
5. Tap on Apply when the wallpaper is downloaded.
6. The app will change the wallpaper every day when the phone connects to WiFi.

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