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Is Design All About Fonts?
The design embodies your brand’s personality and it depends on you how you bring that particular personality to your consumers. Let’s say I own a media company for youth. I would like to my business to be fun, lively and relatable. While making design decisions, I’ll constantly revolve around to those principles to ensure I am representing the brand persona correctly in the design.
While designing a logo you need to be very sure about which font to pick.

Choosing the right font:

Three main font types are there to select between. Every font accompanies some powers and failings and each has a plethora of diversities. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman gives a classic look. If you want to choose a traditional, professional vibe, serif fonts are the right choice. However, make sure, it can also make your design look outdated, particularly on a website.

Sans serifs look clean and modern, like Helvetica. Whereas the script fonts can be extremely tricky to us. Yet! They can be very creative and elegant. Handwritten Fonts are very much trendy these days. Business, specifically the eateries and bakeries have been using such fonts.

However, this is my own perspective that I have gained in my whole tenure of working as a graphic designer in the professional logo design industry. Maybe your perspective is contrary to it. Anyways… that was it. Please do let me know what you people think about fonts and which font do you like the most

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