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What is the difference between darknet and deep web
[Image: Deep-web-2.jpg]

Most of you think both are the same, but NO! here is a simple video to clear your doubts!

In the video:

A lot of you have been hearing, reading about the dark web and the darknet. Most of the people think that both are same. The deep web is often said as dark web or darknet. The fact that most of you are unaware of is that both the deep web and darknet are different.

So what is the difference between darknet and deep web?

The main difference between the two is that the darknet or dark web is hidden from the public and it can only be accessed using a specific software and if you think that you can access darknet just like you access deep web let me say you that you cannot do it. Darknet refers to overlay network with restricted access if a person is to access the darknet he needs to use different communication protocols and ports in configuration. Deepweb tends to encompass the darknet, the main difference is in the deliberate steps you need to follow to connect to the darknet. The idea of the darknet precedes the deep web as the darknet concept was devised in the 1970s, it referred to networks that were kept apart from rest of the net. The deep web emerged because of the need for resistance to an all searchable Internet. The darknet concept simply evolved with the preference to privacy and more exclusive traffic. What makes darknet different from the deep web is that it cannot be searched by any unsuspecting user. One cannot simply click on URLs and open the darknet in any browser. Darknet is more protected, guarded against rest of the web.

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