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Hide Your Friends List from Unknown People on Facebook
Hello Friends,
Today you will learn how you can hide your friends on Facebook(FB) from the one whom you don't know or you are not a friend of him.

Why should you Hide it?
As many people's privacy is that they don't want others to know with whom they are friend. So it will help you to not show them your FB friends.

Steps :- 
  1. Open your Facebook Profile.
  2. Click on "Friends" Tab(Red Box as shown in below Image) and then Click Edit Privacy(Blue Box shown in below Image)
    [Image: hioiinaUQ_WEIEHvam4S0w.png]

  3. You will See a Pop up with the title Edit Privacy as shown in below Image. And Change the option of Public to Only Me so that its hides your Friends List.

    [Image: E9GglIjMSSaVZPX0DikZQA.png]
  4. Now you can Click on Done and Continue your surfing.
Thank you for visiting, If you got an other problem or thing to be done reply below and we will solve it.

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