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5 Best Brain-teasing Games For Android and iOS
1. Moveless Chess

[Image: LKXWzawfZsT2yosOQ4CuhkEjpyyLolf4tIWuCu9B...4MnK3=w300]

This game will definitely test your knowledge of Chess. As the name says, Moveless Chess is a Chess game where you have to checkmate the Black King without moving the pieces.... wait.. what?  Yup, you got that right! then how will you play and win the game ??

Download to know it! Google Play | iOS

2. Does not Commute
[Image: jAP_Q4Q5Lwf7RqI__8NtxWYq9gfvuW0ge8swDT-5...NKVSA=h310]
Does Not Commute is a unique racing game. Racing games sound fun right.... but this game will test your strategic skills. You have to drive in a small neighborhood calculating your time so that you don't crash into cars. Looks simple right..Well NO! Download the game to know why. Did I mention that the game has won Apple design Awards 2015 and is an Editors Choice in Google Play Store!

Google Play | iOS

3. Kami

[Image: O8TxfBNaUvIi3raa2GGjoz1YsG16BBiCv12a-4j6...ibPgw=h900]
Kami in Japanese means paper. All you need to do in this game is fold out colored paper to fill the screen in as less moves possible. This game is easy to understand and challenging to play.

Google Play | iOS | Kindle Fire

4. Threes!

[Image: dD9CpdDUxFMeS75aSg7wTKKuTQXiGxOZMOiEfuD2...sS_to=h900]
Threes! is an endless puzzle game, in which you will have to move number tiles in rows and columns so they can add in the multiple of three.

Google Play | iOS  
5. Words with Friends

[Image: F9gfPPc7IEjBoran6ej2TElhpysSTVN99gXQZX1k...xsDXX=h900]
Words with Friends is the Internet version of one of the most popular crossword game Scrabble. This game can be played online with your Facebook friends or any random player on the internet.


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