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[NO ROOT] Add Google Assistant in any Android Phone
Hello everyone, This is a simple trick you can use to Enable/install Google Assistant (Which was only available for Pixel Smartphones) on any Android Device without rooting!


[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_45_04_AM.jpg]

All you need to do is download Nova Launcher

How to enable Google Assistant:

1. Download and Install Nova Launcher.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_36_56_AM.jpg]
2. Set it as default launcher (Press Home button and select Nova Launcher and tap on Always).
3. Open Widgets tab.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_06_AM.jpg]
4. Under Nova Launcher Menu Slide and select Activities.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_04_AM.jpg]
5. Hold and drag it to Home Screen. Activities menu will appear, drag down and find Google/Google App.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_02_AM.jpg]
6. Under Google App find Google Assistant. Tap and Hold on the Second one.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_04_AM1.jpg]
7. After Tapping and Holding the second one, This activity will appear:
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_03_AM.jpg]
8. Tap the three dots (in the right-hand side corner) and tap on Accounts. Then choose your Google account.
9. Then you will be taken to a new screen, slide down and tap on YES, I'M IN.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_00_AM.jpg]
10. All set! You will be redirected to this screen once more:
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_06_07_at_9_37_03_AM.jpg]
11. Long press the Home button to launch the Google Assistant. You can Uninstall Nova Launcher if you want to, Google Assistant will now work regardless of Nova Launcher installed or not.

This trick worked on OnePlus One and hTc Desire 826.


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