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Install Google Assistant for iOS in any Country
Hello Guys, today you will know a new trick which the title says.

Yes, you read it right. As you know that Google Assistant was only available for Google Pixel Phones but now it's available in almost all latest android phone. And Yes it also available in iOS but only in some countries like United States. So if you are not in US or you could not find Google Assistant in your App Store. Then you can follow the steps given below for getting it installed in your iOS.

  1. Open your App Store and Logout/Signout from your existing account.
  2. After logging out, open Link and click open in App Store.
  3. You will be asked to change Store as it is available in US.
  4. After you change store you need to find Google Assistant in the App Store.
  5. Click on Get button then you will be asked to Sign in.
  6. Just click on Create new Apple ID.
  7. Then Select country as United States and complete other registration process.
    NOTE :- You will need an Address of US so get fake address from here.
  8. After you verify your Apple ID. You will need to again find Google Assistant in App Store and click Get.
  9. After you enter your password it will start downloading and get installed.
  10. You are now done and you can use Google Assistant on your iOS.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.(MAKE SURE)

Hope you liked this Trick and it works for you successfully. If you have any inquiry or doubts, just reply us below and we will solve it ASAP.

Thanks for Reading it. +Rep if you like it and do share with all iPhone and iOS users.
Oh! This is an amazing post you did great job each point and step are very briefly written, I think writer is a teacher also because anybody cannot write in brief with respect to each minimum step. Well app do our life easier, we can change different features during run time this can be beneficial for us.

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