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Google Will Help You To Pick Your New Phone
Buying a new phone? Confused which one to buy? This tool from Google will help you choose the best phone for you using a simple quiz, take a look!

[Image: ice_screenshot_20170530_180431.png]

The idea is to help you choose a phone that perfectly fits in your everyday work. The website asks you few simple questions like What is your new phone going to be for? (Like Photography, Gaming, Watching Videos etc.). The quiz continues based upon your response to the first question. Like if you choose Taking Photos in the first question, the next question is based on Photography and How often you use your camera.
[Image: ice_screenshot_20170530_180948.png]

and when you have completed answering all the question you can ask Google to 'Show Me Phones' and it displays a list of phones which best suit you (based on choices made in the questions). Also, you can choose screen sizes, carrier and price range later.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20170530_181828.png]

                                                         Visit The Website Now

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