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[FREE] [5/30/17]Play Store Paid Apps and Games Available for Free today
Here is the list and links of all Paid Apps and Games available today (5/30/2017) for free.

New :

1. Retrofit Icon Pack:
[Image: kJJS7YJnakhzX3ytdpdYzy6wnJa8b9uAcOE3yy5E...bt11I=h310]

                                         Download Now

2. Blaze Player Pro

[Image: Ge78oW8G3jG7Q9MFxAVccWesYOD0j-AETkOsuYe5...sX7Wh=h900]
Material design music player.

                  Download Now

3. KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

[Image: 0jbFegDFd7Da20zib4_-5aSoiKyHmjnadeTPttO4...i2MSU=h900]
Pro Key for KWGT Kustom Widget.

                    Download Now

4. Oriental Garden 3D Pro

[Image: tkKqmWhw-06hwzcCf8q1Xx6XLtIlR9ff2NKOBg2f...Qdjkp=h900]
3D Live Wallpaper App
                   Download Now

5. Digital Dashboard GPS Pro

[Image: 9pJu-ABmFD-lXKaLJ44xW_wDH4IhY3spBUZbGSFj...7qa3k=h310]

                                                  Download Now

6. Buff Knight Advanced

[Image: cLU2AP8JwLqb0_2mZVP-pEFFpTFve0ne7EmhGqih...Off5g=h310]

Buff Knight Advanced is a 2D Pixel RPG.

                                    Download Now

7. Dungeon Defense

[Image: Gmbe0zijWotfR2r3n-KGr5jEROntYjt945b2VjW6...XtCDJ=h310]
Pixel 2D Defense game.

                                                  Download Now

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