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Download Facebook Messenger Lite
Social Networking giant Facebook has just released its new app- Facebook Messenger Lite. However, the app is not available in all countries (available in 132 countries - as of 5/30/2017), but you can still download and use the app.
[Image: Facebook-Messenger-Lite-796x398.jpg]

  • Small app, downloads quick (only 11.5 MB).
  • Data-saving app, designed to work on 2G networks.
  • Can be used on older phones also (requires Android v2.3 and above).
  • Uses less RAM, Quick loading app.
[Image: b_BHV689U9rT0cg68F5YSHpxZUQjC60Hi2G2iHT2...rzWBQ=h900]  [Image: 4YMLAbIJJfsUayWj9YTzPPYUooD_xs1R8lrT0R_l...6grDf=h310] [Image: 7uYIuN7ILdyQnrCx84gkJQQtYoBZb_8RoyQ-G9na...A4CsU=h900]

Download the App: Play Store - APK Mirror
The best part of using this app is it saves up your mobile data by allowing you to send regular text-based messages, pictures, and emojis. That’s all. With this app, you won’t be able to make any video calls with your friends and also not share any other multi-media messages that will consume your mobile data rather quickly. Do check this article Facebook Messenger lite

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