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How to convert any Android phone to PC speaker ?
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_29_at_8_19_10_PM.jpg]

Did you know that you can convert any Android phone to Speakers for your PC? All you need to do is download SoundWire and SoundWire Server.

How does it work?
  • Download the SoundWire app.
  • Download the soundWire server.
  • Open the SoundWire app and server.
  • [PHONE] Long press the SoundWire icon (make sure the PC application is running) to auto connect to the server.
  • [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_29_at_8_26_17_PM.jpg]
  • [PC] Check the status on the server.
  • [Image: ice_screenshot_20170529_203858.png]
  • If the server shows Disconnected, You will have to connect manually.
  • To connect manually you will need to enter the Server Address (you can find the Server Address just above the Status- see the second image).
  • And enter that into the application and tap on the SoundWire icon.
  • [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_29_at_8_47_38_PM.jpg]
  • After tapping the icon, check the server to see if the status has changed now it will show Connected.
  • [Image: ice_screenshot_20170529_204859.png]
  • That's it! Now your phone will act as the speaker and play all the audio which is been played on the PC / Laptop.
Watch the video for proof:

NOTE: Sometimes the sound may be choppy because of weak Wi-Fi signals or slow internet speed.

Download SoundWire and SoundWire Server


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