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Fingerprint lock phone without Fingerprint Sensor
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_23_at_12_06_53_PM.jpg]
Hi friends, today I will show you how you can fingerprint lock any* android device (regardless of Fingerprint sensor) by using an app. The app is ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner and it is available on Google Play Store for free, also there is PRO version which is roughly 120 Indian Rupees (nearly 2 $). The app uses the rear camera (with flash) to scan the fingerprint.

Quote:Quote from Tom's Guide: "Bitdefender's Clueful app, which rates the privacy risks of apps installed to your phone, gives ICE Unlock a "low risk" application, which means it has far less access to your phone's functions than apps such as Facebook or Twitter."

How does the application work?

As said earlier, the app uses rear camera of the phone to scan ( take picture) of the users fingers and matches the image to unlock the device. *However the app will not work if your mobile phone camera is not able to clearly focus on your finger.
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_23_at_12_06_54_PM.jpg]
[Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_23_at_12_16_55_PM.jpg]                    [Image: Whats_App_Image_2017_05_23_at_12_16_58_PM.jpg]
  1. The only working fingerprint scanner in Google Play Store.
  2. Free.
  3. Doesn't require many permissions.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. User can choose any one of his 10 fingers!
  6. Touch-less finger authentication.
  7. User can use a PIN to unlock the device, in case Fingerprint Authentication fails.
  1. Works differently on different devices.
  2. Cannot be trusted as the core security of the phone.
  3. Requires a good rear camera with flash to work.


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