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10 Must Have Webbrowser Extensions
1. BugMeNot

[Image: bugmenot3.png?1422564995]
Tired of filling the Sign Up form ? BugMeNot will help you bypass free site registration!

2. Disconnect Search 

[Image: shield-logo.svg]
Disconnect uses a special VPN service and allows you to privately browse the Internet (while using your favorite search engine). You can use either the web service or the extension.

3. TabCloud
[Image: JFXiye_xrYNjC8MdaA_Z3KWDciZB5bHhjHKIVpvW...-h400-e365]

TabCloud helps you to save a browser session and restore it later on multiple computers.

Firefox | Chrome

4. HTTPS Everywhere

[Image: https-everywhere-logo_0.png?itok=4KfwVrCP]

The name says it all, HTTPS Everywhere encrypts your connection with websites to make your browsing secure.

Firefox | Chrome | Opera

5. Behind The Overlay

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Behind The Overlay blocks overlay pop-ups (like in the image) from any website and gives you a better browsing experience.

Firefox | Chrome
6. AdBlock and AdBlocker for YouTube

[Image: 37e7c7a.png]

AdBlock (Chrome) and AdBlocker (Firefox) for YouTube are two different extensions which do the same work of blocking Ads in YouTube videos.

AdBlock (Chrome) | AdBlocker (Firefox)
7. Imagus

[Image: logo-footer.png]
Imagus helps you to expand tiny thumbnails in a websites with a mouse hover.

Firefox | Chrome
8. Honey

[Image: honey-app.jpg]
Honey automatically finds and adds coupon codes for thousands of websites when you shop online.

Firefox | Chrome | Opera

9. Grammarly

[Image: grammarly-review1.png]
Grammarly is a tool that helps you correct spelling mistakes as you type. It also suggests alternative words to make sure your docs, posts are clear, mistake free.
10. Mailto and  MailtoWebmails

[Image: mailtowebmails.png]

Mailto and MailtoWebmails are simple extensions which help you select an default action when you click on a 'mailto:' link.


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