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Increase Website Speed and Performance
How to Increase Website Speed and Performance by Simple and Easy Steps

Hello Friends today I am going to show the ways and tricks to check and increase your performance with 3 different website and two of them are by google, show you can trust them and it will surely help you to make your website faster, increase it performance much higher. I will also help in increasing your website's reputation.

You can use any of the below three website to check and correct your website.

think with Google
Test how mobile-friendly your site is.
Find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices.

Screenshot :-
[Image: c4ea40a717634ee389fc6596fb3b3c41.png]

Website Speed Test
To test the load time of the website, analyze it and find bottlenecks.
Link :-

[Image: af090e33aab94d258059fdd801ea277f.png]

PageSpeed Insights
Link :-

Screenshots :-
[Image: 0771c6f036ca45dba3abfefe10931c94.png]
[Image: 944c08c3abfd4587a72f45afcff16161.png]

I would prefer the third one because the first one does not everytime analyse the website and sometimes shows error, and second is not google product so I prefer the PageSpeed Insights for all the website to check and analyse their website or others website.

*There will be separate thread for using all the above website in detail in our upcoming posts. Please be patience and we will provide you the best and simply ways for using this websites.

Thank You for Viewing my Post.  Please share this thread to your friends who have any website so that it will be helpful to them too.

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