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How to know if your Wi-Fi is hacked?
[Image: 503141_ht1.png]
Doubt that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi data?

Here’s an easy way to find out!

Download this app (Fing Network Tools) from the Google Play Store, what this app does is it shows you the list of all connected devices and also their IP and MAC addresses plus a lot of additional information such as when the device was first seen and when it was last active.
This app can also ping the IP address of the device(s) connected and also ping a domain, plus it has some cool features like Detect Intruders which notifies you when any new device has joined the network and you get an e-mail regarding change in status of device(s), i.e, next time when a device changes it’s status you will be notified by e-mail.

[Image: 478321_fingnetworktools.png]
They also have a campaign on IndieGoGo for Fing Box.
Features of Fing Box are as follows :  
l Parental Control,
l Hacker Threat Check,
l Block Devices and Pause Internet
l Remote Access     
 And much more…
You can support their campaign here.
How to defend yourself and how remove a Wi-Fi user without Fing / Fing box ?
There is a software for Windows called‘s NetCut and NetCut Defender. Here are the download link  this is also available for Android (root).
What does it do?
NetCut : Provides full control over a network and who uses it, it also protects you from ARP Spoof attacks and it enables a network admin to turn off the internet connection of any machine in a LAN.
NetCut Defender :
Protects all network of your PC away from NetCut cut off or any other ARP spoofing.Ensures Internet Gateway address spoof proof. Runs 24x7 automatically.

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