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[Tricks] How To Add Live Cricket Scores In Blogger Blog

Step 1:
    Go to CrickWaves Cricket Widgets  page and choose the widget you like.
[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_163009.png]

Step 2:
       Copy the code of the script.
[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_163237.png]

Step 3:

   Make sure the code is highlighted and copied properly.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_163418.png]

Step 4:

      Log into Blogger, go to Layout and Add a Gadget.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_163712.png]

Step 5:

        Add  A HTML/JavaScript.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_164100.png]

Paste the code and click on Save.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_164233.png]

Step 6:

Check your Blog.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20180121_164550.png]

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