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Best Tools For YouTubers
here are few tools and resources that you can use as a YouTuber:

1: SEOChat Keyword Suggest Tool:

[Image: Firefox_Screenshot_2017_11_05_T03_51_05_570_Z.png]

There are tons of keyword suggest tools but this one is my favorite. This tool shows results from Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube in an alphabetical order (A-Z). More about this tool can be found here.

2. Green Screen and Video Content:
Need Green Screen Videos for your video for free or any other video content? Check these Channels and websites out most of the content in these is CC0 (Public Domin) which you can use in your videos without fearing Copyright infringement. However, some of them demand to give them proper credits.

[Image: ice_screenshot_20171105_100601.png]

[Image: ice_screenshot_20171105_100453.png]
4. HDgreenstudio

[Image: ice_screenshot_20171105_102340.png]

[Image: ice_screenshot_20171105_100523.png]

[Image: Firefox_Screenshot_2017_11_05_T04_58_51_204_Z.png]

3. Audio Content:

[Image: Firefox_Screenshot_2017_11_05_T05_15_56_680_Z.png]
Run by a non-profit with an aim of making music freely and openly available, Musopen provides access to public domain music and allows users to upload music that is in the public domain. The site also offers access to public domain sheet music.

2. []
[Image: Firefox_Screenshot_2017_11_05_T05_23_20_054_Z.png][/url]
This website makes it easy for users to upload sounds they have recorded or created and license them under a Creative Commons license. Users can choose to release their works into the public domain or select one of two Creative Commons licenses, so it is important to review the specific licensing and attribution information for each sound you plan to use.

[Image: Opsound.jpg]
All audio files on this site are in the public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license. You can find specific information about the license attached to each piece under the link to the file.
Musopen is actually pretty good. No only for youtubers but for anyone who wants public domain music. Great post, crsuthar.

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